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your right.

Let me tell how the LP works. The LP is a bottom up Party. We know the average voters are sheeple so we get republicans Libertarians to be our Presidential candidate because we know we are going too lose. In 2012 Johnson's job was to water down Libertarianism and educate the public about the LP. The True Libertarian Candidates are like me and run local and state races. ( if I run for Senate I need to water down message a lot.) For example if Gary Johnson was a teacher he would be teaching intro to the LP 100 and I would be teaching Libertarian 230.

Ron Pauls 08, 12 campaign was planned out by the LP. RON IS A LIBERTARIAN IN GOP CLOSE. He is a life member of the LP! The Ron Paul Revolution is a LIBERTARIAN revolution. Now we have the gop where we want them. We cost them the last two Presidential elections!! It took us 42 years but if the GOP don't become More Libertarian they will die! Thanks for being enslaved and working for the LP IN THE GOP!! Like i said before I rather lose than work in that Nazi party I let you do that job for me! Because I am Libertarian and a free man!