Comment: "Après nous, le déluge."

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"Après nous, le déluge."

"Après nous, le déluge." [ ]

(Used in French to mean : "whatever happens after I'm out of the game, I couldn't care less.")

Quoted in "What Chinese Unemployment?" (some should be careful on what they wish for...) :

The worst aspect of our misery is that in putting Keynesians and Friedmanites in charge of our economy and monetary system we have condemned ourselves to eternal slavery. Previously, elected or unelected officials could be recalled and given a dishonorable discharge in case of failure. Not any more, not in the realm of economic and monetary policy-making. The worse mistakes monetary officials make, the more power they are entitled to grab. You could never make these guys admit that they have been wrong. They know that the power they now have, the power to print money, is unlimited power. They will never give it up. "Après nous, le déluge."

Related, another recent warning of Prof. Fekete on gold backwardation :

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