Comment: I hope Christie keeps talking like this.

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I hope Christie keeps talking like this.

People don't buy it anymore. We dumped Giuliani in 2008 for just this reason. Ron Paul wiped Giuliani from the map over just this. Not only that, we failed to elect McCain and opted for the guy most apparently least like Bush. Foreign policy issues swung that election if not just as much, then even more so than economic issues. Had Romney been less of an apparent war hawk in 2012, he'd be President right now. People get it now, especially as Christie says "the widows and the orphans". We don't have amnesia now, but it's amnesia we suffered ten years ago. Libertarians are once again aligned with the majority on many issues and foreign policy is among them. The vast majority of people know that as we embrace a more libertarian foreign policy, the more the rest of the world will cease regarding us as their enemy, and terrorist threat against us will naturally fade away. This is the single most successful message Ron Paul has propagated in the last five years, and this is the Neocon's worst nightmare, that we won't sustain their happy dream of hyper-aggressive global death-star hegemony. 2004 was a fluke along with 1944 and 1864. Virtually every other Presidential election in US history has gone to the perceived peace candidate. You could even make the case that even in those three strange election years that the candidates who won were elected because they were perceived to be the most likely to reestablish the peace. Christie panders to the loud minority of hawks, the hawks that unfortunately wield internal control of both major political parties. The established hawks support the most hawkish of candidates through primary races for party nominations. Then in general elections, the people at large choose the least hawkish of the two [the relatively perceived peace candidate or lesser of two evils]. The more Christie talks about the dangers of libertarian foreign policy, especially this early in the game before the 2016 election, the more it will backfire on him, the more people will spend time thinking it through rationally and be more impervious to the impulsive control of scare tactics. People will continue to see more clearly who the terrorists really are.

Simple truth is, people like Rand Paul.

The simple backfire for Christie is that he won't diminish Rand by labeling him libertarian. What he will actually do is make "libertarian" more acceptable. Keep talkin' Christie. Shoot yourself in the foot. He'll paint himself into the corner of a dinosaur's cage with his own blood. :)