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Comment: Notice how the major firms

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Notice how the major firms

Notice how the major firms are tiptoeing around the question. Why didn't those firms bring this subject to light in the first place?


Because these large corporations are in bed with the government. Now is the time for the quote of the past millennium:

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." - Mussolini

Now that the real purpose of the InterNet, i.e. monitoring, is being disclosed, I fully expect to see a quickening exodus from the InterNet to other forms of communication, e.g. digital radio. Even radio is under assault, i.e. hybrid radio. Very powerful forces want to FORCE radio to pass through a gateway into a larger network which "authorities" can monitor. Examples include RadioDNS which uses IP via WiFi to identify locations of requests (transmissions) from "listeners" of radio broadcasts. The newest version of EasyPal (digital SSTV) uses the IP to allow listeners to receive broadcasted URLs of images posted on InterNet servers instead of the actual images broadcasted via radio. EasyPal's new capability effectively identifies the location of listeners who have received the URL since they must also have access to the InterNet to download the image from a website (server). Ahem, websites can be monitored, can't they? ;)

Now you can begin to see why the public will begin to abandon the InterNet at a quickening pace. Even radio isn't immune from powerful forces trying to monitor EVERYTHING.