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Comment: To say that a neighborhood watch is allowed to pursue a suspect

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To say that a neighborhood watch is allowed to pursue a suspect

HuH, that's a pretty ignorant asinine statement have you ever been to a neighborhood watch meeting?you are trained to avoid any kind of situation that could escalate into a into a crime such as this one. It might of not actually been illegal but it was certainly ill-advised and from the outcome, it was pretty stupid.

Okay, so maybe you're right about the gun not having a safety. And this is what I had heard from the MSM and I can only go by what I heard I was not there. So let's say you're right, the gun had no safety latch on it. Then why wasn't Zimmerman wearing a holster to prevent someone else from grabbing the's because Zimmerman put the gun in his pants. Now how stupid do you have to be to put a gun with no safety latch in your pants.

And as far as the actual fight goes nobody knows what happened. Zimmerman could've easily approached Travon pointing a loaded weapon at him and at that point according to Stand your ground, Travon had every right to kick is ass.

And as far as travon being a thug, well he might've been arrested a couple of times but from what I have heard from the MSM he was never prosecuted and how many 17-year-olds do you know that smoke pot does that make them a thug?

Perhaps you like living in a police state. Perhaps you like the idea of some flunky overweight wannabe cop running around in your neighborhood carrying a deadly weapon and asking people for their ID. Well I sure don't.

The fact of the matter is if Zimmerman would've minded his own business like he should have this tragedy never would've happened.