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Comment: Neocon = ?

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Neocon = ?

Many Neocons are indeed Zionists, but Zionist does not equate to Neocon, nor is Neocon a code word for Jew. We have to be very careful about this last point. Thousands of Jews are good libertarians, indeed a disproportion number of the libertarian and anarchocapitalist movement were Jewish.

Neoconservativism is a complex subject that is deserving of considerable research. The short answer is it is

"...corporate-statism, or more precisely national-socialism, or in politically incorrect language, fascism. It consists of those who believe the masses should be subjugated to the needs of the smartest, the meritocracy, and that this is done by the state protecting the means of production which remain in the private hands of the elite who are allowed to continue to build profit off the means of production (except when they don't, when it is then the role of the state to step in and bail out the corporations by socializing the failure cost)."