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Comment: The implacable logic

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The implacable logic

of a white child growing up in a white community. This is not the experience of a black child growing up in a black community. Black children are taught to be suspicious of the police and the criminal justice system. This is cultural and not without supporting evidence.

Nine is a little young, but as she grows, show her this website and teach her why, typically, black people are less trusting of the police and the criminal justice system and are less likely, as a first response, to call the police:

"About 70 percent of those exonerated by DNA testing are people of color."

This is the experience of people of color who have been in prison, some for over a decade, convicted of crimes they didn't commit. There are two sad facts that can be drawn from this information. Innocent people have been imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit, and, barring a miracle, the victims or victims' families will never receive justice.