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Can't say I love him. BUT...

he's the best governor we've had in this State in my lifetime. This State is bankrupt. Property taxes are the highest in the nation (average in excess!!! of 10 grand a year!) and we have a 7% sales tax, as well as a State Income Tax. If someone else would have been in Christie's place, the all those taxes would have been at least tripled by now.

Having said that... as far as nationally, and especially on foreign policy, HELL, NO! He has to please TPTB and they are extremely powerful in the NY Metro area. Without their approval, he wouldn't have been the GOP nominee for Governor in the first place. "They" were not happy with Corzine anymore, so they wouldn't have him re-elected. They had to find someone on the other side who would play ball.

Attitude? Of course! (You may have noticed that Nonna's got attitude, too.) You don't grow up in this area without getting attitude sooner or later. Locally, he is just fine. It would be even better if Christie focused exclusively on NJ but, I doubt he's "allowed" to do that.

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