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What BULLSHIP, I gave my reason, BETRAYAL, you avoided it. You say betrayal is not important because you judged Rand on his own merrit. You say anyone who dont agree with you is just a "Rand HATER!" as if they have no merrit.

I say some one who Ignores his multitude of anti liberty, anti Ron Paul, anti FATHER, and knife stabbed at a critical point the whole liberty movement by endorsing GOP SHILL RINO NEOCON Mitt Rummy.

I have an alternative. Stop poluting the future generations with your immoral example of glossing over Rand the traitor. You have poor judgement because your "on his own merrit" is a fail.

But shills do not address reality they make statements as if they are the authority. Then you give me a choice to either support your immoral choice or give you someone to support. Thats the only choices in your mind apparantly. So you can justify your wrong support.

Pushing my alternative, enlightened disengagement, leaderless revolt. Rand is not an alternative he is more of the same.

You deserve what you get.