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Comment: You are dead wrong all the way around

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You are dead wrong all the way around

Rand has co opted the liberty movement just the same as Bob Barr did the Tea party. Rand took the deal, a blind person could see it.

A fathers integerty or a retired politition?

Your arguement is so lame its hard to respond. You can speak for some community and state that I mis represent that community. Are you for real?

Well if Ron supports anyone thats good enough for you but not for me. Especially his son! Do you live in some kingdom, so you think libertarian idealogily is geneticly passed to the son? You dont think a father son relationship is not stronger than political beliefs.

So I support you even if your wrong, son! ever hear of that one before. Or my carreer is over so let me help you get into the senate.

Everything but the MITT ROMNEY ENDORSMENT, we wont talk about his love for IzUnReal, nor his daddy love for Mitch McConnel, Jessie which is stopping or hurting libertarian challenges to get rid of McConnel. The list is long, yet you say well whos perfect he is the best of the lot. More of the same old story.

Split the opposition is exacltly why the Rothschild GOP bought and paid for Rand Paul.