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Comment: Moot Point

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Moot Point

This is a self answering question since Bark Obomber already knew that the Zionists orchestrated 9/11 because they are the same cabal that ensured his ascendency from the streets of Chicago to the White House and as such, most assuredly filled him in on everything that he would be required to lie about in the not so distant future.I can still vividly recall the first time I heard of Obama. Horseface Kerry was getting pummeled by the idiot Bush on election night 2004 and all the Zionist media could fawn over was the "promising upstart Senator Barack Obama." Obomber is on a short Zionist leash and he will sit, fetch and roll over just like any show quality lapdog has been trained to do. At this particular point in time, the Zionist tentacles are so firmly entrenched into all of the relevant aspects of our American government,that it will most likely take a second American Revolution to extricate ourselves from them! They own Obomber, Congress, The Supreme Court, and most every media outlet in the U.S.A. A politician is first vetted by A.I.P.A.C. before he can even be considered for office. And for the chosen few, (McInsane,Graham,Levin, Feinstein,Boxer, etc.) the obsequiousness is so disgustingly sickening that regardless of what ass these failures as human beings were kissing, I still could not be more patently offended !

Jack Rose