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Comment: Whether you are atheist or

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Whether you are atheist or

Whether you are atheist or not, you have to agree that atheism is simply another belief system/religion that requires "faith". First, you cannot prove there is no God, so the assumption/belief that there is no God is a belief that requires "faith".

Yawn, one of the most asinine arguments that I see all the time.
First you cannot prove there is a god which always comes before someone trying to disprove it.
I'll try to make this simple for you, I say a dog exists, (god spelled backward), you say prove it, I say come here lassie, dog jumps in my lap, proof. Now if I just said that a dog exists but offered no proof how would you prove that it doesn't?
An Atheist requires proof that something exists not faith. Faith as Nathaniel Brandon said is a "short circuit to knowledge, destroying the mind" and from what I see from the believers in the supernatural he's right.