Comment: You pull out the classic

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You pull out the classic

You pull out the classic religious argument against atheism. Without understanding atheism.

The worst argument is that since humans have had beliefs in supernatural beings for over 6000 years and therefor we should take that as proof of the possibility of gods existence.

Not that many hundred years ago we also thought the world was flat, raging at the people who claimed otherwise. Christians would burn witches at the stakes. Go on crusades to spread their faith through violence.

We have since then come to the conclusion as human beings, that it was a result of poor education and knowledge of the world. And that's not because of the bible. Since the bible is the same. We as a race have an extraordinary ability to search for answers to things we don't understand and evolve. The individual humans who have helped us understand so much of the world around us, are basically all atheists.

If the religious had complete control of the world, we simply wouldn't have an internet. We'd be sitting on the farm, making babies and have a life expectancy of 30 years still. Either die from diseases or as soldiers in some war about whos religion is better. Bringing up Pol Pot or Nazi Germany as proof is retarded since if there was an equal amount of people in the world back when the crusades were raging christians would have killed even more. And then I don't even count the number of people who'd die from not having access to science to help them when they get sick, since they'd leave that to god.

But in the end, what atheists believe in, are things that are evidence based. Show me a god, and I will believe in him. It's not harder than that.