Comment: I don't know. I have seen

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I don't know. I have seen

I don't know.

I have seen dogs who act like this every time anyone comes in the door. In fact a knee to the chest a few times will break them from jumping. If you don't stop that behavior they will jump up on a small person and someone will get hurt. As a life long dog owner I don't see the joy in a dog misbehaving in a way that will cause harm to a human. It may look cute seeing the dog jump on a 180 pound solder but, how would that same act look if the dog jumped on an 80 year old lady or 3 year old child?

Side note:
Humans are not animal Dad's. Masters yes. The Dogs true parents are a stud and a bitch. Maybe this is why the "family" is being turned upside down. The definitions of Mother, Father, husband, Wife, and child are being twisted. Some what like the word "safety" is twisted to the point of being our very threat.