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He's not just talking to

He's not just talking to himself (which doesn't even make a person insane), he's talking to the camera. He's a pissed off, red-blooded American.

Why does anger now equate to being irrational? So what if he's "violent?" He's obviously not going around harming people. He's threatening whoever dares to come take his and his town's rights with rightful violence.

He is one man in a town of over 800 people. That's their police force...him. I know Schuylkill county. I can guarantee you that the people in areas like that would not put up with some insane tyrant.

I will also make one more point. Violence CANNOT be defensive. It's only offensive. If someone breaks into your home and you shoot them, you did not commit an act of violence. The person who broke into your act committed the act of violence. Violence hinges on intent.

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