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TY base1aransas

Yes, I feel blessed and whate's perhaps more important is to share those blessings, not in words, but action, so I have made gifts of this food for others, many who have no idea a prince mushroom exists.

Yes, it is my OPINION that the feta from Israel is the best I've ever had. For example, the first time I ever had a pastured chicken, I thought, "OMG THIS is what chicken tastes like!" Very little meat went a long way because of the flavor was so rich, and it made a wonderful stock that I made a gallon. Where a store bought chicken, it's bland and maybe I can mafe 2 cups of good stock.

I would hope that rather than supporting destruction, I would be rallying for competition.

The only reason AIPAC has any power is because people care and get involved. The liberty movement could have the same opportunity of people did more than wait for a Adam the Man Vid or contributed to MSM hosts that talk, but there is no action. Ron Paul started a school, not a PAC. Why is there no LIBERTYPAC?