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Marijuana does not make you

Marijuana does not make you hallucinate. It's a myth spread by health teachers without a clue and by TV and movies.

Paranoia...yes, but not to the point where a person will ever act on it and have a psychotic episode. Not everyone gets paranoid, and not every strain makes a person paranoid.

Increased what? It's not like it creates a craving to go shoot up some heroin. It's fucking food. Another thing that isn't an absolute universal effect. Not all people get hungry, and not every strain makes you hungry.

Restlessness and excitement? Nope, the opposite.

Impaired coordination and motor ability? That will happen any time you starve your brain of oxygen.

Mood swings? Nope. That's just morons who think they need to act a stereotypical way that the pot culture acts. A person does not need to smoke. It's a mental addiction, not physical.

Loss of brain cells, lung issues, bronchitis, blood vessel one is telling a person they have to smoke it. It can be vaporized, or even eaten.

The other crap is just that...crap. People with problems can use anything as a crutch. The drugs don't create problems, people with problems seek ways to self-destruct. People can be involved with drugs without being destroyed by them. Don't paint everyone with one brush. It's not a gateway drug, it's just at the bottom of drugs. People are the gateway to their own problems. Most people never move past weed.

I never claimed it wasn't a drug.

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