Comment: are your prices for reloads?

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are your prices for reloads?

Shooter's World (only decent range by my house) is selling 1200 rounds for 800 bones. 700 if you are a member. That's the cheapest retail price I have seen my area. I can find prices for like 45 cents a round from individual sellers, but most of that ammo I am finding is steel cased coated stuff that fails to feed every couple hundred rounds in my rifle. for practice thats totally fine as I need to know be practiced at clearing failures etc.. but if shtf....anyway you know the story I am sure.

I have nothing against reloads...Just want to make sure that the prices are not some kind of optical illusion lol. Those are good prices. The range i go to doesn't allow reloads, but I'll sneak em in anyway,they can kiss my @ss with their price gauging