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We the Public

You posted publicly, you did not send me a private message. We the public are reading this, not just myself (as evidence, look at the multiple down votes you received).

Before I ever ask the question "What does he mean when he says..." I first ask YOU to evidence that it was ever said in the first place.

And, no, your quote was NOT in the link you provided. Which just casts your claims into suspicion.

Again, a quote from Ron Paul saying "they" have forgotten what a true "republic" is all about does not mean he thinks we should restore the "Federal Government".

Speaking of failures:

"Since you are unable to hear a message and need orders..."

Just as an FYI, your failed attempt to get me to believe I need orders/unable to hear just backfired on you. Blamers always show who they truly are, as their blames are a projection of who they see themselves as.

This conversation appears to be done.