Comment: Zionist BS! America has been helping Israel more

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Zionist BS! America has been helping Israel more

LawmanJeds Zionist quote that he like to post on DP:

"God will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel."

America has helped Israel more than any other nation and look where it has gotten us. Ever since our association with Israel we have continuously gone down hill. Both economically and our credibility and image in the world.Israel is nothing more than a parasite nation feeding off of the American people and helping to destroying us. Then you take a look at so many other nations that do absolutely nothing for Israel and they are the ones that have prospered during the same period. Take *Germany for example, they incinerated the Jews and have prospered ever since. Your Zionist BS is just that...BS! Seems very much like a subtle threat to tell you the truth.

* although I think that was wrong, it's still a fact--they are doing extremely well.