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well, now *we* know--


You'll be aware of the fact that that might make it hard for some people to want to talk to you?

You see, you do make some valid points. Though your wording is, ahem, "awkward", you make a certainly valid point that dogs are not humans, and humans are not dogs--

To some extent, the parent/child relationship is devalued when people talk about 'adopting' pets or being 'parents' to animals--
I believe that, though I believe animals have an important place in the lives of humans.

Most pet 'owners' have anthropomorphized their pets now and again--it's hard not to--

when a dog 'sulks', it's hard not to say, "good heavens; why so blue?"--

Some of us draw a hard line; we give our pet good food, but we don't give our pet 'people' food--
our pet (dog) is on the floor, not on our bed, but he has a good, sound floor 'bed' (dog bed; nothing fancy, but sturdy)--

So, you see, there are people who might agree with you, and there are other people who might want to hear what you have to say but who will dismiss you, because of your . . . 'anger'--

and that is too bad.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--