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If you are sincerely interested in zionism, you may want to see the vid I posted in "The Legal Case for Palestine", which the vid is titled, "The Legal Case for Israel" (It is not about zionism, but explains the basis for it). It is NOT opinion, but historical, political, explaination of FACT, on how, and why, we are where we are today.

If you read my response to emalvini's post asking how close we are to Nazi.. you will see, I opin, that anti-semetic no longer works, but that anti-zionist's have the same arguments that led to the holocast.

The Grand Mufti of Palestine worked with Hitler, Anwar Sadat replaced him and was related. Persia was renamed Iran for Ayrian, and some from there call themselves Persians not Iranians, because they know history, as unfortunately, too many do not.