Comment: Monopolists/Criminals/Rats

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The monopoly thought is the crime thought is the rat thought as if rats give off a smell that even Patrick Henry can smell at a distance.

"The rest of us? We would tear each other to pieces to get that food and fuel to feed ourselves and our immediate loved ones, and we would do unspeakable things to avoid death, misery, and annihilation."

The situation offered is such that human beings find themselves with fewer options.

There are those who solve problems by eating each other, as if The Donner Party was a dinner bell.

There are those who knuckle down and manage the old fashioned way.

Typically those who eat each other are inclined to eat the best and brightest first; a function of the necessity for monopoly is the elimination of competition, so false leadership is naturally opposing true leadership.

The Monopolists/Criminals/Legal Criminals/Rats create the situation whereby there is only one non-option: by design.


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