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So i guess the coward(s) who downvoted without reply

is all for prejudicial collectivism, and would rather scapegoat Jews and incite division rather than discuss the topic at hand.

Are my fellow dailypaulers going to realize these haters are not helping our movement? They are bad PR and their views are inconsistent with our ideals.

Really, you think it's by accident they promote 'Jews' to these spots?
Yet how often are real liberty fighting Jews like Aaron Russo, the JPFO, von Mises, Aaron Swarz, and individuals such as myself, promoted by the MSM & TPTB? NEVER!

Because TPTB employ Task-Master Jews, like Pharoah did, like Hitler did. Karl Marx (claimed he was a Jew) was a Task-Master traitor 'Jew', working for the atheist / Satanist Commie New World Order. He held no faith in G-d. He literally claimed that all Jews, the religion itself, must be wiped out, because Judaism is the root of most monotheist religions (Christianity, Islam), and therefore they represent the existence of G-D, which is a Power greater than the power of the State! The Commies can't have that.

That's why you see so many traitor 'Jews' in the lower rungs of power. They are Judas goats. But they are being used.

How many dumb sheeple of all races, creeds, nationalities and religions get played by the NWO / PTB? Like, most of them! Should we hate and blame all people?

The NWO wants you to blame the Jews. That is exactly what the Bible says will happen, too.

"For the sake of the remnant shall I Bless Israel."

Don't throw out the Baby with the bathwater!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?