Comment: The entire language of the Pompeo amdt

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The entire language of the Pompeo amdt

is a restating of current law.

(1) says you cannot target a US person pursuant to Section 702 of FISA. That's what current law says. This still allows NSA to listen in to phone calls of US persons who are talking to suspected individuals overseas since the US person is not the target.

(2) says you cannot acquire or store contents of a US person's communications. That's what current law says.

The Pompeo amendment did nothing to change ANY activity of the NSA and certainly did nothing to prohibit the NSA from collecting metadata of all American's phone records.

The establishment always offers a counter amendment to give cover when there is a good liberty amendment that may pass. This happened when Amash offered his indefinite detention amendment. The establishment offered an amendment that restated habeus corpus but those who voted for it claimed they voted against indefinite detention.