Comment: Either pure propaganda or

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Either pure propaganda or

Either pure propaganda or just simply clueless. The last thing the corporate interests want is a libertarian president in the White House. Gotta' start early....convince people this is what libertarianism looks like. We just have to work that much harder to convince others what causes this. It's really pretty simple. Spend more than what is coming in.....voila! It's kind of like losing weight. Eat more calories than you expend, gain weight, highly likely health problems begin, and leads to early death. We still have jobs leaving the country because of too many regulations and the Fed is still devaluing the currency through inflation so it's going to be impossible for any failing municipality to fix their own problems. It's like the caloric example....if you are sickly overweight and still being offered high calorie food and no opportunity to exercise, you're still going to have problems. If the people ever figure out exactly what is causing the sickness and fix it, it would empower the people. They think they can outsmart the people by using their propaganda tools but the people are smarter than they think. And when you have millions educating others, they can't stop that. It's a war of ideas; more and more, our ideas are making more sense to those who previously didn't understand. I'm saying it openly because I am seeing a lot of people listening now; ones who were not on this bandwagon a few short years ago. And it's growing everyday.