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I don't agree

People get into politics for many different reasons. I got in to be a national delegate for Ron Paul. I stayed in to change the GOP.

Policies change with each election. That is why it is so important to change from within, with your participation, rather than leave it as it is, or hope someone else will do it for you.

When NEO first came into my radar, it was Neo-liberal and this was Bill Clinton. When Bush assumed office, Neo-liberals went off screen and became Neo-cons, and the whole idea behind NEO, as far as I understood, was NEO = NEW as in New World Order.

Since Obama assumed office the terms have changed again.

Neo-Liberals means economics of Austrain Economics, and Ron Paul is listed as a Neo-Liberal in Wiki. He is also listed as a Conservative and a Libertarian.

Neo-Cons have come to mean, REPUBLICAN PRO-ISRAEL

None of the meanings have anything to do with NWO.

Since I am a Republican who is Pro-Israel, I am now a NEO-CON, yet, I did not support Bush, or vote for Bush, do not believe pre-emptive war applies to America, am against all foreign aid, especially to the U.N.. I am not against Foreign Aid as an investment where Americans get a return, that they could not afford as individuals. (think technological advancements/ such as transitioning from silicon solar panels to ceramic for cities and public buildings).

I think America should look to Israel because Israel is the only nation that retained their SOVREIGNITY from the U.N.. Israel's biggest problems come from Communist Nations and Islam who continue to blame Jews, and they are the majority in the U.N, since the 60s.

Israel is advancing humanity, they are the only nation that expanded forest growth by 20%, where the rest of the world declined. They are not only bringing back rare animals to sustain and thrive, but show how we do not need a UN Agenda 21. They are advancing in technology, engineering, science, medicine, agriculure, have a balanced budget, and proove to the USA, they don't need or want our military help.

I posted a vid, "The Legal Case for Palestine", but the vid itself is, "The Legal Case for Israel", and it does not give any opinion, just the facts of WHY Israel has the legal right to exist and how that came into being, what their treaties are, and how they respect them.

Propeganda will have you believe Israel is agreesive. That facts show us, they are anything but agressive, but by law, protecting Israeli's rights.. the IDF is many militas set up from each town, not a national socalist system as we have. They are not shipping people out to police the world. There are Jews, who do not like Israel, want a UN Agenda, entangle themselves in other governments, and they should be held accountable as individuals, not as representatives for Israel, as they are not.