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Comment: I am strongly considering

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I am strongly considering

I am strongly considering retiring in South America. Healthcare costs and preservation of my retirement will be why, because I do not want to fund the enemy until the day I die. The killing has to stop and I'm tired of funding it and Israel now. So fk em.
That being said, I have looked at Chile and Costa Rica a bit, but I think the world has to deal with reality a bit much, US Hegemony has to end, the buck has to stop, and a country would have to be willing to welcome freedom loving people. That's all I ask. The people in America lack a brain, a spine, and a future, thanks to both parties.

Any way we could look at the reality of buying property with the protection of not being scammed? What about healthcare in foreign countries? Yah I'm looking at the same thing. The Republicans and Democrats have made me realize they are not worthy and I too realize that people left their home country for freedom, and I will be no exception, but then again, I've always enjoyed a decent fist fight.

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