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Thank you, but it's still not

Thank you, but it's still not clear where you stand.

Again it's fine, even laudable, to educate people about the dangers of pot smoking. I don't use it and have no clue myself so it's good information for me if not personally relevant. If you want to help me tell me all about how beer is bad;p Though of course I already know.

The question is do you believe you have the moral authority to delegate to men with guns and badges the power to forcibly prevent or punish people who do this thing of which you disapprove, and ultimately shoot them if they resist?

Hopefully you just forgot to answer. If the answer is no you should say so, it would certainly make your cautionary message about pot better received.

Honestly, if the answer is yes you're wasting your time, no one here will give anyone with such wicked ideas any credence.