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and it's the most powerful, but

if you think all of the millions of expats living abroad are only doing it to "save their tails"
you have a very, narrow and erroneous view of living abroad. besides, this is the age of the internet/computer. people not only communicate but do endless types of work for causes that interest them from pretty much anywhere on the planet. people make films on computers now and with the internet can get their message out there to many people. yes,some people just want to broaden their horizons, learn about another culture, some folks jobs take them there. look at jim rogers who lives in singapore. he's always on shows trying to talk some sense into the reporters in the economic field.

i'm glad you approve of the quote. i agree with burroughs completely and would add, that if a person is not interested in his or her own transformation first they will likely not be of much value to any noble fight.