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More stimulants

Plenty of SWAT police don't use 'drugs', but they are nonetheless addicted to the adrenaline rush brought on by trampling other people's liberties. No external chemical was added. Are these people 'healthy'?

Some veterans who have returned from war suffer from imbalances related to adrenaline addiction and must be treated with outside drugs in order to control their internal imbalance.

The bottom line is this: We have receptors and ligands. Receptors are locks and only the correct ligand key can interface with it. When the proper ligand attaches to the right receptor, things happen. Changes happen. All of this is natural. Some times the ligands are generated internally.

For example: A person may go through their whole life not addicted to or partaking in *any* outside 'drugs' but will still get extremely high just before death, provided there is time. The body has a shutdown routine that includes flooding your mind with poppies while it turns off your internal organs.

If we have a receptor for a ligand, it matters not whether the ligand is from our internal or external environment. What matters is why we are doing it and whether it has robbed us of control of our lives. It is futility, on the other hand, to attempt to dictate taste to others since it is completely subjective. People make their decisions and deal with the consequences.