Comment: "You think the military will drop bombs on it's own?"

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"You think the military will drop bombs on it's own?"

It is not too much of a stretch to think they could within a few years, as soldiers with a conscience are driven out of the ranks, or a system of actively seeking out those who have no conscience or creating those who have no conscience becomes the norm.

However, on the main point about staying and fighting: Stand and fight! There are a lot of bright spots on the horizon. I am no worshiper of Rand Paul, but he would practically be forced to choose someone like Justin Amash as his running mate to appease the liberty movement. Think about it, after eight years of moving partially in a liberty direction, we get the real thing! The audience for our ideas is going to grow and grow and grow, even if our political leadership is flawed and impure.

There is no place in the world with the history and tradition of liberty that the USA has had. Those seeds are no longer dormant. They are sprouting and growing.

Hang in there.