Comment: Why do people allow themselves

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Why do people allow themselves

to continue to be manipulated into the Hitler/Nazi/3rd Reich psy-op propaganda? They have sold this as the most evil to help propagate the who Zionism fraud, that has virtually destroyed Christianity and our Country. They must continue to bring up the Holocaust to keep this hoax called Zionism on track. Did the neo-nazi's create our tryannical police state? No, the Neocom's, followers of Trotsky created it. If you really want to understand where we are heading, then you must look at the Bolshevik Revolution, which was masterminded by Trotsky, aka Bronstein, learned from his mentor Karl Marx aka Mordecai Levi. Upwards of 60 million were killed in this system set up by Trotsky and Lenin, who himself was half Jewish. This mass murder compared to the skeptical 6 million Jews dying in Germany should be a major focus, but it's barely mentioned in the scholastic history books. Why, because then people would possibly wake up to what is really occuring, and the extremely destructive hoax called Zionism would cease to exist. Here, you might learn a little more insight from the Gen George Patton Papers on this issue, which he began to recognize after the war.

No, we aren't heading towards Nazism, we are heading towards Bolshevism, but instead of the economic failure of Communist Totalitarianism, it will be a Corporatist/Fascist Totalitarian rule.