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I'm full of it?

Sorry, but you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. If i know virtually nothing about a subject, I keep quiet, and that would be good advice for you. Marijuana is "as toxic at least as cigarettes"? You are joking, right? Nicotine is one of the most toxic, addicting substances known to man, and marijuana is non-toxic, and therefore non-addicting. If marijuana had any toxicity whatsoever, it would be possible to determine at what dose it becomes lethal, but such determination has never been made since no one has ever died from marijuana use. It's not me who is spouting misconceptions, but you who is spouting propaganda, just repeating what the masses have been brainwashed to believe in their Zionist, statist indoctrination. If you are really interested in learning the truth, there are hundreds of hours worth of videos about marijuana on youtube which would be a good place to start.