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Did you even watch the DARPA VIDEO?

Sorry you are Wrong!

1. "Your common import from the '90s, OBD1 or OBD2 aren't going to be able to be hacked to do anything dangerous." Wrong! If you have cruise control and ABS I can tell you it would be easy to put you in a situation that would have you pissing your pants. Just pop a modified EPROM in the ECU and you just lost control of your breaking and acceleration once you hit 65 mph, better yet that could be implemented via the diagnostic port which is easier to access. While were at it lets put in an RF or cell mod so we can trigger it at will, don't forget the GPS, No Problem. But were not talking 90's imports are we mister ramicio? No we are talking about one Micheal Hastings in a 2013 Mercedes Benz, which has so much control built in that you wouldn't have a chance.

2. Just because a "computer" is controlling something in a car does not mean it can even be accessed to do anything. YES IT DOES, either physically or if new enough, remotely. Do you even know how microprocessors work? Here's microcomputers 101 "all computers need instructions." Your BIOS on your computer could be flashed in about 60 seconds so the next time you turned it on, all it would do is FLASH YOU BACK!

3. "It's why I think this notion of washing machines spying is just stupid." I agree, why bother when they now have smart meters with a massive database of load signatures that have at least a 90% accuracy of identifying exactly what you are doing in your home at any given moment!

4. Oh and yes they had power line communications back in the mid 80's. One company planned to market it but failed to do so (that's another reality you will dismiss,) but yes they had proof of concept. But I am reassured, to here you inspected all modern day appliances to make sure our privacy is safe.

What's your background anyways? Please don't tell me you have one of those cushy DOD jobs. I hear Gov shills make a pretty penny nowadays's.