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The only thing I attacked was your hypocrisy. Didn't you recognize the words I put in quotation marks? Did you follow the link I provided above? It was to a post of yours where you said to me that "it seems like (I) like to be right, or at least receive recognition for it" and then you went on to say how you "don't post how correct (you were) and expect a pat on the back".

And here you are again doing the exact same thing. For someone who doesn't post how correct you are and expect a pat on the back, it sure seems like I'm reading a lot of such posts.

You had nothing to say about what was written by me in your post 3 weeks ago, so you attacked the person doing the writing. Typical media ploy and I'm calling you out on it.

It's fine if you want to do it, just don't pretend like you are not doing it and criticize others for pointing out when they have been right (the very few people on this thread who have ever been right about anything).