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On Social Conservative

Even in the liberty movement, any intellectual movement really, there's a notion that some ideas are dangerous.

The more libertine have grave concerns about social conservatives. Social conservatives worry about the results of libertine attitudes.

That's okay. We can all exist together, and in fact, all have strong opinions too.

We have to have a steadfast commitment to certain principles of liberty, so our differences don't cause us to destroy each other. But we certainly don't have to treat ideas as dangerous.

In any event, I agree that substances have played a role in human civilization since forever. So has war, and rape and superstition. Drugs aren't war. I'm not making that point. But implicit in my moral argument is a point that is not necessarily obvious to everyone or even agreed upon. That point is that nature and nature's laws imply a certain purpose to life, which, when clarified by the spiritual lessons of many religious perspectives particularly far Western thought, lead to ideas that not necessarily everyone accepts.

Yes, there is an objectification of goodness and beauty, but I think we live in a real world in a real universe with a real God. Goodness is a 'product'. Of our effort or God's - whatever your perspective.

In other words, "That for which we strive" or "long" that object of our spiritual lives, is not some esoteric brightness that we attain through experiencing or awareness. That's exactly what I feel the essence of drug use does to spirituality. Rather, I see spirituality as an active pursuit of goodness that is never attained per se, but is experienced through attainment.

So, God is experienced through attainment, not attained through experiencing.

To ground this point, let me say that some people long for dissociation, for feeling, for the oblivion of drunkenness, or the chaos and uncertainty of a raging party. That seems to me to be a symptom of a disease of spirit. There is so much to do in life: music, games, cooking, eating, reading, walking, hiking, biking, painting, traveling, sharing, socializing, working, making, praying, etc. etc.

None of which requires drugs. Drugs don't 'enhance' these things. They merely provide an opportunity to do things while also experiencing a high.

I'm saying that it seems to me that if you think you need marijuana, or even wine really, to fill in those gaps of what the hell you're doing in life, or to complete some aspect of your life that seems to require that and isn't good enough as life on its own - that's really a tragedy.

Although, I admit, I grew up in a family that drank wine maybe five times a year. I know families where it's like at least a couple of beers every night. Anyway, there's something tragic about those families, like they're medicated or something. Probably Irish.