Comment: Clarifying Alcohol And MJ Difference

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Clarifying Alcohol And MJ Difference

So, that's really not my main point at all and people are understandably freaking out about it.

I make the point that I sort of see alcohol as a negative following the same logic as I do for pot. I even say that, to a lesser extent, something like caffeine could fall into the same bracket. My point is to show that this isn't some sort of hypocritical argument based on social convention.

But, I do distinguish Coca-Cola from Coke by talking about intensity.

If you read what I wrote, surely you know I don't want these activities to be criminalized. No, I'm just talking about the 'good idea' 'bad idea' of the issue.

Specifically about alcohol, though, why I made the comparison I did, has to do with perspective I didn't share.

I grew up in a family that drank about 5 times a year. Coffee was probably the most powerful substance we encountered, and even that wasn't a daily thing.

You have to understand that when you live life without substances, like where they're notably absent much of the time, the absurdity of these families that drink about every night with dinner sort of becomes apparent. Not that it's evil, but it's not like wine is the same thing as cranberry juice.

It's like, if you lived an a country that didn't go to war with everyone, and came to America, our neocons might sort of shock you.

So that's my perspective you missed.

It seems to me that if MJ was something you had, like those 1-2 glasses of wine 5 times a year, I could equate it to alcohol. But would you ever use it that way?

I mean, I guess you could, but it seems like there are milder herbs broseifs. And, if the point is to get high, or stoned, or to use regularly - well, compare that to alcohol.

If you drink to get drunk, or loose your cool at a party, or medicate yourself, then... well I'd find that equally objectionable to occasional pot use.

Still, it seems to me that marijuana might just be a little more intense, with just a few more negative effects and side effects. But I don't have that one golden alzheimer's study to cite, and I've never used. So, I won't pretend to compare it to alcohol like that.

But, it does seem like the way my family used alcohol - 1-2 glasses about 5 times a year - doesn't really have a comparable habit as far as pot is concerned.

It's not like my old parents say, "hey, let's get sh$t-faced this one time this year." No, they never go sh$t-faced. Period. So that occasional high doesn't have a parallel in alcohol use the way I see it as reasonable.

And I know lots of peoples' parents get sh*t-faced a couple of times a year. Poor Irish souls.