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I don't want to put anyone in a cage

Read my post.

And why can't I bash Marijuana? It seems too precious to you.

Still, I see what you're saying about pain, and I think MJ is certainly far less worse than something like codeine (though I recommend you not take it through smoke inhalation which is pretty unhealthy regardless, well, if you do it a lot which you don't).

If your situation has left with MJ as your best option you're not some sinner. And I don't think it should be illegal, in which case the choice about the situation is up to you.

But, I still am arguing that, say, if it's a Friday night at a party you should just find something else to do besides get high. If you're listening to music or jerking around on the computer, you don't need to get high.

It's an opinion, I backed it up, it's all I'm saying. And I don't mean that you go out to parties or whatever, I meant 'you' generally.