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Hold on a sec.

I'm going to upvote you not because I agree, as I clearly do not, but so people can see this exchange (if they care to) and your response to which I am replying does not collapse and get hidden.

First of all, your responses are completely incongruous to the discussion.

Secondly, your attempts to try to influence the definition of anti neo-con-ism into anti-semitism is not going to work with me.

Like Ron Paul, I am not against Israel, nor am I for it. Like Ron Paul says, it's none of our business period.

Like Ron Paul, I am not anti-zionist nor pro-zionist as it's none of our business period.

Like I tell the anti-semites here, if they hate Israel and love the Arabs so much, for consistency sake, go move there and help the Arabs.

And like I'll tell you and neocons, if they love Israel so much, go move there and help the Israelis.

I don't give a **** because it is no business of America's nor mine.

That said, it is very clear that neocons are socialists, no different than marxist socialists (neocon heritage via Strauss and Kristol), such as David Horowitz, nor different than the National Socialists.

They are all anti-American and can go rot.