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Comment: You are on the right track

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You are on the right track

All laws are not illegitimate. Legislation is almost always illegitimate.

Almost everything that is 'illegal' that is properly criminal, is illegal from law codified outside of legislation.

There is a reason for this.

Occasionally legislators accidentally get a law right, because anymore that is how 'law' is created now. But it is rare.

The purpose of legislation is to create conflict, because the purpose of the state is to create conflict. The state needs conflict to justify it's existence. The state thrives on failure. A market firm fails and dies. The state fails and demands more resources to remediate the failure, which is always a failure they claim is due to lack of resources.

I'm not saying all legislators intend to create conflict, although many do. It's not 'unintended consequences' anymore. Look at Obamacare. They pushed that through precisely to put the final nail in the coffin of any tiny vestige of competition in the health care market, in order to create even more conflict.

The conflict they want is us all fighting each other for a tiny bit of health care left. Single payer, socialized healthcare where we are all at their mercy.

Even the ones that do not intend it, must still create conflict. All legislation is a punch in the face, at best. It is force, arbitrarily decided. It does not derive from free society.