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The 'dirty' French eats tons of dairy and live quite healthy as do the Dutch and Germans and Swiss and Austrians.

I think they are obviously more active and naturally the cheese for example has less contaminated ingredients and more natural ones.

The Germans also eats a boat load of sausages if you have not noticed ie. 'Oktoberfeast' and Texans most likely eat tons of steak.

The Russians probably tons of meat too along with the rest of the former Eastern European vassal States.

They have cancer but I do not think it is off the charts.

Eastern European though laden with fats has much more natural ingredients from what I have experienced.

What about the Japanese? They eat tons of fish?

Greeks also have fat laden foods but eat lots of cheese and meats but the olives and lamb might offset this I think. Lamb is easy on the digestive system and the olive should be too.

Besides the food is cooked is very important as well along with all the tons of grapes they ingest.