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I have 33 years as an awarded grassroots activist (17 years in the libertarian party and 16 years as a Ralph Nader (Indy) team leader working in two states).

I was district team leader of RP's 2012 campaign (Del Norte, Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino Counties), and we placed third in the state for votes supporting Ron Paul in the primary election (only san francisco and santa cruz beat us). I am listed on the CA SOS web page as a Ron Paul national delegate).

I am elected to my central committee and elected as an officer, and in the golden circle of leadership in the CA GOP.

Since 4 AM I have been writing letters, which I do every morning before coming to DP. I do a lot of vilunteer work, and while not everyone agrees with my perspective, I am respected for doing what I say I'm going to do and standing for what I believe, and issuing a sincere apology when I fund that I am wrong about an issue.

What do you do besides post about things you have no way to materialize?