Comment: yeah well when you hack the

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yeah well when you hack the

yeah well when you hack the quote to pieces like an angry Rwandan, it loses context.

"The conditions on which all of our social cooperation and lawful behavior rest - their utility to us as individuals and small units - are not guaranteed conditions. They are just conditions, not laws. Why try to deny it?"

everyone who posits natural rights and other moral sentiments as the basis for social order would disagree strenuously with the idea tat they're dependent on a context of mutual advantage. if they are, than the argument from rights becomes kind of superfluous (in addition to being untrue). what good are supposed absolute rights if they do not apply just in those situations in which they're needed - the absence of mutual advantage and utility?

to pretend there's no fundamental conflict between the conceptions of social order put forward by mises and hayek vs. those of rothbard or hoppe, (all four have differences), is absurd. although ayn rand was not an anarchist, she also belongs in the "invent arbitrary basis for supposed natural laws and surround oneself with cult like adherents and brook no dissent" category.