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Granger...That Does Not

...respond to Rand's statement on Snowden. Nor does it take into account that Rand did everything he could to tone down the Senate resolution which stated "legitimate threat." To me, and especially if the US/Israel co-authored the stuxnet virus, it was an act of war not authorized by Congress.

If it is true (and I believe it is) that Israeli security systems are on most nuclear reactors (and note that in a global market it is difficult to know where all components come from) and you add to that the manufactured virus...Israel has in its hands a wmd that makes drones look like child's play. A threat not only to everyone using nuclear power as well as those developing it. Think Fukushima...we do not know the whole story.

And, yes, Rand has made some statements in order to remain in the game so he can make a difference. He is not a neo-con Zionist.