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simple logic

Adjectives and prepositional phrases add color, emphasis, and potential points of tangent, but the core of logic flows through nouns and verbs. I would have been more complete by also removing the word "just" from your quote, as it is unnecessary in [and ultimately distracting from] seeing your core logic. It doesn't really matter what you wrote, how many words, what tangents you followed, absurdities indulged, analogies employed, etcetera. Your question at the end clearly refers to the sentence before it. Your entire paragraph boiled down to that one sentence. Translating that sentence into core logic reads...

Conditions are conditions, not laws.

I can't think of a person on the planet who would try to deny that claim let alone attempt addressing it for any reason.

Therefore your question "Why try to deny it?" remains utterly rhetorical. I am being quite liberal in my use of 'rhetorical' here, as a more conservative use might deny, stating the obvious so elaborately, as means of persuasion.

Let me sum up the essential logic of your entire paragraph with an analogy...

A hot summer day is not body temperature.

or to make it easier to equate...
A hot summer day is just a another day, not body temperature.

or hey, let's go nuts with it...
Hot summer days and cold winter days, they are just days, not vital signs of human health.

Why try to deny it?