Comment: Complicated case

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Complicated case

The problem with this case was that it was turned into a show trial by the state. So the MSM and the Feds were pushing for a conviction. As some one said the jury should get a ticker tape parade for refusing to give into the pressure. From what I have read the prosecutor messed up by going for a murder charge to appease the political side of this case. So justice was served by the jury's verdict.

That said, Zimmerman does strike me as a cop wannabe and with all the videos we have of cops drunk on power, I don't quite trust him either. My public defender friends say that in these situations every one including the cops lie, the truth is some where tangled up in that. But you can't convict somebody of murder just because you don't like them or think they were rash. And if it makes you feel better he will never have normal life after this.