Comment: Im sorry, i dont want to keep

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Im sorry, i dont want to keep

Im sorry, i dont want to keep going off topic in talking about snowden, as i think its absolutely right that we should be aware of other things going on.....but

the way i see it, we dont have a whistleblower with proof on the corruption of this global war, not since manning, and that was not enough to have serious talks in finally stopping the wars.....i want it, but unless someone comes along with undeniable proof of the lies and corruption, i dont think the general public will my eyes, what we have now, with the nsa, we have two fine gentlemen with a set on their shoulder able to keep up with the best of them.......i dont see this as the final step to end nsa surveilance......i see this as the first step to changing EVERYTHING that is wrong, to prove that corruption IS possible in government, as the gateway to demolishing the, "well, they mean well" mentality from the masses, while in the same vain, granting their permission, because, if you dont speak out, thats what they'll take it as, permission.....thats why they are nervous of public opinion becoming louder then they'd like