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IMO, it assumes that the same city council would be seated as government, and I see no reason why that would be true. If liberty minded people were to go and invest, not just money, but ideas, and to establish a government, by, for an of liberty minded people.... like where I live now.. we get things done as a community.. we have an oath keeping sheriff and DA, we have laws that are seperate from the state and federal governments, hundreds of people show up to any government meeting.. the letters to the edior are pages long with opinins and ideas about political events, local, state, national na international. no one is afraid to speak up or to work and volunteer. We all don't agree, we are not all clones, we are all individuals and we stand together for our right to be individuals.

I think the letter assumes the present government would remain in power and to say, "you don't trust them?" So what? Why should you? REPLACE THEM and build a Liberty City.