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Rand told Snowden

Rand told Snowjob to, "Stay away from Russia". Did Snowden listen? Snowjob is a pawn, he's being used by globalists.

You keep blaming Israel and you don't KNOW anything about Israel but hatemongering NAZI BS. Congratulations.

Israeli security systems are all over the place because Israel is LIGHT YEARS ahead of US, and instead of being more like Israel, that uses this technology to PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF ISRAELIS, we use it to protect tyrants in power. Whose fault is that? YOURS!

Instead of making issue with FISA and the Patriot acts that allowed this, you go after Israel? Blame away, it's what LOSERS do.

Israel has it's hands on WMD and I'M GLAD THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Israel has drones that makes the USA look like toys for tots. To say Rand made some statement to remain in the game is a LIE. You're not even in the game, so what do you know?